About Us

About Us

Your preferences are important for us…

SAN SYSTEM LOGISTICS is established in 2007 with the center office in Istanbul as a candidate to

be one of the leading organisation in logistics sector and holded important place by making


Our aim is to meet the needs and expectations of the customers and to have self improvement in the

process with our experienced staff and to create values with our eco-friendly trucks.

The features which are the most important ones for the companies are speed, flexibility and


In addition to these features SAN SYSTEM LOGISTICS moves forward with the leadership aim in

the market providing competitive prices, reliable and quality road transport services

In parallel to these developments SAN SYSTEM LOGISTICS continues to investments rapidly on the

truck fleet for the Road Transport Services .


Our trucks ; Frigo and tilt trailers with the heights 2,80 - 2,85 ve 3 metres

Thanks to the stallite system on our trailers we can provide the truck status information simultaneusly

Our main routes :

Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Turkic Republics and

Balkan Countries


We would like to carry your power plants, refineries, mines, railway and road construction machines,

all your oversize and heavy shipments of your investment projects using our wide global network and

effective planning.

All the oversize and heavy cargo tonnage

• Oversize transport

• Transport requiring special equipment

• Transportation needed speacial permission

• Open top freight transport

• Factory and Production tape transport

About Us